The Real Estate Made Easy Group

Daine Johnson

Daine Johnson was born and raised in Acworth, Georgia. His varied background includes exploits in the landscaping industry when he owned and operated his own company, Firefighting, and Real Estate Investing.

His background with successfully running the landscaping company and his role in the Fire Department give him a unique advantage when it comes to providing excellent service and commitment to deliver quality results through hard work, and helping people in any way possible.

He brings the expert salesmanship, negotiation skills, and ability to remain calm under pressure from his previous experiences to his clients with The Real Estate Made Easy Group.

Daine attended Allatoona High school where he played football and started his first business.

He then attended Faithful Guardian Training Center and earned his Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certification in 2017 as he worked to achieve his goal of becoming a firefighter. He joined Dekalb County Fire Rescue in 2019 as a Firefighter/EMT, where he currently serves.

Public relations plays a big role in the fire service, and he continually provides new insight, knowledge, and safety for the community and those he meets on a daily basis.

Daine has a proven knowledge of entrepreneurial leadership and is able to work well under pressure, which provides him leverage to fulfill his promise to deliver outstanding service for his clients. This advantage is passed on to his clients when they are looking for the best realtor to accomplish their goals. He is able to exceed the expectations of his clients by not only going the extra mile to ensure they get the best deal possible but by also providing the most value possible.

Daine can win for all clients ranging from the novice first-time homebuyer to the expert real estate investor. Due to his personal experience in real estate investing, Daine knows exactly what investor clients should expect when purchasing a home to maximize profits. He is also well versed in helping sellers get the most money for their house when selling, and getting the best deal possible for those looking for a personal home.

Daine currently lives in Marietta, Georgia with his wife Alana-Maria and would love to help any client find and secure the home of their dreams.