Time to get ready for Spring!

Spring is around the corner; it is time to enhance your curb appeal!

Curb appeal is the first thing people notice about your house and it really needs to WOW them.  You can do this through a multitude of options but landscaping can be one of the most fun and rewarding.

From bulbs to flowering vegetables, your options are endless . . . and big box stores like COSTCO can help stretch your dollar into more blooms.  Whatever you choose to plant – bulbs, seeds, etc – make sure you read the directions carefully and think about starting a small indoor nursery to get your shoots going.  Planting seeds or seedlings before a freeze can easily wipe out all your hard work.  Eager seeds may sprout with false warm fronts then be frozen by the returning winter cold.

Planting seeds is a super cheap way to add color to your home and it’s such a gratifying feeling to watch them grow and come to bloom. Enjoy!

– Val