For years now, real estate professionals have been predicting a “correction” in the Atlanta real estate market…

In 2018 the 15 and 30-year yield curves intersected which all but guaranteed a change in direction in 3 quarters (this was the case in 2007 as well). We are still waiting for it…

We are at all-time highs and all-time increases which create uncharted territory. I won’t speculate on world economies or other factors that are way above my pay grade…

On the micro-level, the real estate market is showing absolutely no signs of slowing.

The Greater Atlanta market has almost averaged a 3% appreciation year after year… Investor activity continues to increase, more than 1 in 10 houses under $200,000 is purchased by an investor in Greater Atlanta.

The biggest of all increases has been in the rental market with double-digit increases over the last three years. As rents become significantly higher than a mortgage with a low interest rate, it is pushing the millennials who have been in the workforce for over 10 years to finally move towards homeownership!

Any remote sign in a correction is immediately relieved by all the people and organizations who have been sitting on the sidelines cash-heavy and eager for a good deal.

60,000 people are moving to Atlanta every year. New construction is not keeping up with this pace. This only adds more demand to the already-low inventory.

Atlanta has the 8th strongest real estate market in the country with absolutely no sign of losing any steam any time soon.

What does this mean for people who are thinking about buying now?

DON’T WAIT! Deals are harder to come across, but with the right person at the helm, they can be found and negotiated!
– Val Lemoine